[New Release] Italian up-and-comer Raffa FL has been making some pretty stellar sonic waves as of late. Releases on Electronique Digital and Love Not Money Records plus plenty of remixes, including his latest reworking of Lee M. Kelsall’s “NY Shuffle” on Nurvous Records  have showcased the talent that is FL. For his latest offering, Harlot’s House, is a genre-bending mix of sounds, from indie-rock to the deepest of house.

Two main elements of title track “Harlot’s House” really stand out: the wonky bass line that rises and falls throughout the track and the haunting vocals provided by another set of Italian musicians, indie band The Wows — the combination of these two give the track a dark dance vibe. This feeling only becomes amplified at the break when Raffa FL strips the music away, leaving only the vocals and a set of grungy, distortion-laden organ stabs before gradually bringing the rest of the production in for a heavy drop.

For the remixes of “Harlot’s House,” Raffa FL brings in Max Chapman and No Artificial Colours, and with each reinterpretation is more ominous than the previous. First up, Max Chapman’s take on the track by dropping down the bass and vocals, throwing on hefty amounts of reverb to give the tune a creepy, cavernous feel. No Artificial Colours come through with the second remix version, equally as heavy. Using a set of drawn out strings and a strange, metallic sounding sampling of the vocals, N.A.C.  create a soundscape perfect for the after-hours.

B-side track “No Matter What” completely flips the feeling of the record. While side A is an exploration of the darkest and deepest house, “No Matter What” is a classic house cut, employing jacking beats, a repetitive female feel good vocal sample, and a break that rises in intensity before dropping back into the dance floor bomb. “No Matter What” is classic house music and a great party starter.

Raffa FL, along with his remixers, grab from various styles, genres, and emotions to create a set of songs that take the listener on a journey into the darkest part of the music, only to bring them back out happy and dancing, just the way it should be.


Artist Name: Raffa FL
Title: Harlot’s House
Record Label: NastyFunk Records
Catalog Number: NAF005