Queensyze is a Canadian DJ, producer, composer, and filmmaker. Having produced in various genres throughout her career, she released her debut techno EP The Pretty Lights in 2019. Supported by tastemaker media like Resident Advisor and Mixmag, The Pretty Lights broke into the coveted top ten Techno Chart on Beatport landing the #5 spot within the first week of release.

Her long awaited follow up to The Pretty Lights on Nervous Records, Smells Like Aciid, will finally be released this July. Originally slated for the winter of 2020, Queensyze suffered a traumatic brain injury that stopped her career in its tracks. Recovery has been slow, but finally Queensyze is back to doing what she loves, making this follow up EP even more important.

“These are 10 tracks that have guided me through and made me want to be a better artist, they’ve ether emotionally triggered me, kick started new production trick, or inspire my DJ sets – each have had an impact on my creative career.” Queensyze

1. An Ending – Brian Eno (Apollo)

This piece of music still makes my heart thump. It’s so peaceful yet there’s an underlying tone of the unknown and darkness to it. Almost loneliness. I was so inspired when I first heard this track that I used it as the intro in the first DJ mix I released.


2. Nobody Can Escape From Himself – VII Circle (Keith Carnal Remix)

When this track came out, I think I played it in every set and every mix, for a while. Especially when I wanted to set a certain mood or tone. I still love this track. It’s so dark and intimate. The way the percussion builds ever so gently and serves it perfectly.

3. What To Do – Thomas Bangalter

This is one of my favorite all time tracks. I have this record in my vinyl collection. The intensity and rawness of this track I absolutely love. It’s so trashy and hard, yet cool.

4. Torn – Omni Trio

The duality of this track is gorgeous. It’s melody, how it drops into a melodic bass but is still heavy. The beautiful juxtaposition of the sound design and the drums…and the Amens! I still love them…I learned how to beat match with this track too and it’s part of my vinyl collection. So it speaks to me deeply.

5. Wander To Hell – Vaal (Baikal Remix)

I’ve started many sets with this one, it’s so dark and moody. I love going deep with it.

6. Wolves – Fjaak

I think this track is pretty much perfect. I love the percussion and I how it builds into this dark emo break and when it drops, it gets me every time. I love the drums in this track too. Very inspiring.

7. Dax J – Zulu Nation

The percussion builds in this track are amazing, and there’s a cowbell!!! It’s a gorgeous progression. This track inspires me to be a better drum programmer.

8. Work That Mutha Fucka – Steve Poindexter

THIS RECORD! The drum programming, the repetitive vocal. It hits me every time. Such an incredible classic. I draw from this on the regular. I love how raw it is, and how it just lays it down.

9. Intro – The XX

I caught on to the XX very early before they got huge, I was already really into them before I saw them live opening for Friendly Fires at the Commodore in Vancouver. For me I love the relaxed tones, and the sense of space. My track “No Sleep” has a bit of that vibe inspired into it.

10. Everything Connected – Jon Hopkins (Stephan Hinz Remix)

For those who saw me live in 2018/2019, you probably heard me play this track a few times. I love its long intro, how it builds into this emotional break. It makes me feel every time I hear it and I love how the crowd reacts when I play it. It’s such a beautiful song, the strings, how the chords come together. Jon Hopkins is one of those electronic artists who will be written about in our history books. I would love to remix him one day. This track gives me the same feeling as An Ending by Brian Eno.

Queensyze – Smells Like Aciid – is out 22 July on Nervous Records – listen & buy