Prunk is the PIV records label boss and his next offering is a serious seven track album that shows off his well formed and honed studio style. It finds him adding his own spin to deep house and making a real journey as he goes, hence, no doubt, the album title.


The Dutchman is a regular on labels like Inner City and Nervous and since 2013 has really made his mark. He does that again here from the off. Amor opens things with deriving kicks and pensive chords that set a warm vibe. Hotel Downtown is a real roller that shows off his jazzy chord work and knack for heartfelt sounds.


Elsewhere there are house cuts with muttered vocals and nodding chords that bring really lounge vibes and New Mountain than offers slick drum programming, clean hits and a breezy, effortless sense of groove. Shepherd continues in the jazzy deep house vibes with more great vocal samples and Studio 54 then hits a bit harder, driving late into the night.


Things close down on The Light, a feel good house cut with yet more majestic chords and tidy drums. It rounds out a colourful, emotive house album that covers all the bases in real style.


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