[Release]  Prince Club and Steve Huerta both have made names for themselves individually.  The local LA-based boys have been making some serious moves in 2012 and with their latest release they join forces to bring us Can’t Let Go.  Out on Amadeus Records, this is a great joint effort from these two and a killer release to get the crowd moving.

‘Can’t Let Go’ is a positively upbeat track with a huge rumbling bass and crisp percussion.  Soft vocals with loads of atmosphere make this track an instant success.  ‘4 Me’ is another whopper of a track, with a smooth bouncy bass line, silky synths, and lovely undertones.

A great release from great artists, hopefully we will see more collaborations between these two.


Artist:  Prince Club & Steve Huerta
Title:  Can’t Let Go
Label:  Amadeus Records
Catalog No.:  AMA006

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