What started as a one off project from Wylis (as this style of music isn’t his usual bag), ‘This Is’ was specifically created for Lagoon Recordings right from the start. This debut release from geordie lad Wylis is a beautiful house cut with a charming simplicity, that takes a few piano notes and some orchestral stabs and creates a very memorable hook that will work for any house dj. Put this hook next to that bassline, and what you get is sheer class. For a newcomer this is a very strong track indeed.

Wylis’ concept for producing music under this alias was simply to ‘create a nice vibe and interesting groove by using as few elements as possible’. He is inspired by anything and everything around him, and looks for sounds in places plenty of people just wouldn’t. For example, melodies hidden in conversations, filtering them down so they don’t sound like spoken word, then turning that sound into a bass-line. It’s this kind of approach to creativity that not only makes it interesting, but helps his music evolve with an organic flow.

Wylis has no intention of catering to a certain crowd or scene. The thing is, his music is pretty hard to ignore.

This is is out now!




Artist: Wylis
Title: This Is
Label: Lagoon Recordings
Release Date: 2018-06-01