Street Tracks launch a new strand to its label’s bow; Imprint will shine a light on new and upcoming artists producing across the house music spectrum, and offering a platform that enables artists to rub shoulder’s with established acts like Groove Armada, Waze & Odyssey, EJECA, Mella Dee, Amtrac and more.

Now into its third instalment, Street Tracks Imprint brings together four new and exciting artists for a diverse and fresh EP. From Melbourne, Australia, Joszeffe leads the third Imprint volume with a stunning slice of forward thinking electronic pop. Kooky riffs, live drumming and Joszeffe’s own charming vocal make for a refreshing burst of melodic pop music. Riky IId (Snatch/Lapsus Musiuc) contributes a very functional and groovy deep cut, tinged with tribal rhythms and techy bleeps, whilst Jarrad Cleofé throws down a raw and slammin’ old school vocal house jam in ‘Got The Feelin’. Wrapping up the EP, Warung, a duo based out of Boston, Massachusetts, deliver a deadly breakbeat cut that evokes the early rave days without compromise to the thoroughly modern sound aesthetic that makes this an irresistible club cut.

“Illusive” is available on Street Tracks from 1st November 2019.




Artist: Various Artists, Warung
Title: Various Artists Imprint Vol. 3
Label: Street Tracks
Release Date: 2019-11-01




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor