David Stromback, aka Vitamin D is a Malmo, Sweden based producer who co-runs the labels Honey Butter and Hi-Hat Appreciation Society. Here, he’s in full producer mode with his jazzy, R&B flavored tune, “Cholecalciferol,” which is forthcoming on H.H.A.S.’s forthcoming compilation effort, “1000 Thanks Vol. 2.” A sweet, soulful guitar lick filters in softly has pitched-up, cooing vocal samples flitter about a melodic piano lead. Dusty percussion and thumping 909 drums propel the tune forward as a solid bassline wraps all the elements up nicely.

As the second installment in this series, the “1000 Thanks” compilations have come about as a means of celebrating the milestone of quadruple digit followers on the label’s social media pages. Clocking in at 21 tracks from such producers as M.Ono, Hotmood, Sune, Ari Bald, Twice Movement and many more, we’re already licking our chops in anticipation of the next 1000 thumbs up!

Artist: Vitamin D, V/A
Title: 1000 Thanks Vol. 2
Label: Hi-Hat Appreciation Society
Release: TBA
Format: Digital

– rider
Davey Schacherl