Everyone’s got a vice. Ours right now is Vhyce… A man whose sounds you can always rely on to hoist you out of that dark place and remember all that’s good and funky in the world.

A long-standing operator on labels such as Future Disco and Boogie Angst, here we find the Belgian-based Portuguese-Italian making his debut on Pets with four blistering slabs of disco. A fine balance of groove, bass and cosmic nuances, we kick off with ‘One Day We’ll Float’ where a bulbous party bassline springs from nowhere and instantly uplifts.

It’s backed by plenty more goodtime gold: ‘The Heart Take Fright’ nods wryly at Yazoo while chugging from here to the horizon, ‘Personal Numbness’ is a much more contemplative, introspective jam while ‘Electric Dreams’ lives up to its name with a Moroder-like prowl that quickly turns into a full-on chase. Fast lane music for people who understand the importance of slowing down and taking care of yourself. Take our advice, make Vhyce your vice today.

Artist: Vhyce
Title: The Heart Takes Fright
Label: Pets Recordings
Release Date: 2020-01-29

Turn it up & enjoy!