This is what happens when two music addicted persons are having a friendly chat sharing their love and experience about DJing. In such unplanned conversations some “out of space” meanings are being born making words reflect DJ’s inner senses of watching dancing people’s energy going live. That talk was sampled and mixed with a raw live synth path in respect of her majestic music. That’s what Hidden Vibes is about again and again: Music is the power. Power to the people.

“Why DJ” is a collaboration of a “rocket start” DJ – Veronika Fleyta – who is in super demand now playing all around the world. So her words about DJing are 100% relevant to what is going on on the dancefloors. She premiered that track on Ibiza Sonica Radio in summer 2017 and since then it was played in her different gigs from Ibiza to Paris. FREE.D joins Veronica with his style of music making keeping for the raw electronic sound as much space as possible. Together with Veronika’s touch for pads and stylish scape, this duo release a great track full of meaning, mixed with synth driving melody.

Two beautiful remixes support “Why DJ” EP: The techy dancefloor driven treatment from genius Rhadow and atmospheric with hidden groove power vision form talented Dilby, who’s solo release we are also waiting on Hidden Vibes soon.

Veronika Fleyta & FREE.D – Why DJ (Dilby Remix) [Hidden Vibes]

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Artist: Veronika Fleyta, FREE.D, Dilby, Rhadow
Title: Why DJ EP
Label: Hidden Vibes
Release: 2018-01-23

1) Why DJ (Original Mix)
2) Why DJ (Dub Mix)
3) Why DJ (Rhadow Remix)
4) Why DJ (Dilby Remix)


– jams
Jimbo James