In this chapter of the Beat & Path journey Uone and Out Of Sorts emerge from the Origin to bring us into a Wild West world of Funk, Dust, Rhythm & Boots. This seven minute and twenty second experience will throw you into a collaborated western dream scape of musical minds. In true galactic cowboy fashion the track is laced with horses’ neighing, gun shots and wild western vibes throughout. With the brotherhood connection between Uone and Out of Sorts, we are served with a symbiotic master piece and guided tour from the Origin to the Wildwest.

On side-B the Beat & Path family warmly welcomes long term friend and fellow cosmic cowboy Mihai to the troupe to whip us with the remix for Wildwest. With no other more suited to the task, Mihai brings it to us with a twist and guns blazing.

Uone & Out Of Sorts – Wild West (Original Mix) [Beat and Path Recordings]

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Artist: Uone, Out Of Sorts
Title: Wild West EP
Label: Beat and Path Recordings
Release: TBD


– jams
Jimbo James