Adaptation Theory was the debut album released by Swiss techno producer UFO Over, and followed an intense period of research and experimentation with futuristic musical visions. Now under his alias Raimond Ford he has delivered fresh and frenetic re-imaginings of four of the cuts from the LP.

Released in 2020, UFO Over’s album Adaptation Theory started life as several live performances performed outside of the club environment, later honed and perfected after many hours in the studio. An artist who thrives on pushing himself and redefining how he approaches production, the result was a hypnotic and deeply engrossing album that moved from shifting ambient to dark, polyrhythmic techno and melodic electronica. Now under his Raimond Ford alias come four new remixes that pulls us firmly back to the depths of the dance floor.

Artist: UFO Over, Raimond Ford
Title: Vulcania
Label: 3-4-1 CUTS DARK
Release Date: 2020-03-05

Turn it up & enjoy!