Belfast duo Ubblahkan are on a roll of late. Their recent Foundation EP on our Seven Music label picked up big support from a wide range of DJs.. Maya Jane Coles to Jacques Renault, Joyce Muniz to Jovonn, Danny Tenaglia to the Plump DJs and Sasha Dive to Diz!

Their release on the newly relaunched Bass Hit Dub sees the guys show their versatility and studio proficiency. Switching the focus from Deep, Discoy House, to Peak-time, Chunky House bombs! ‘Hotula’ leads the release with a heavy driving groove. Siren synths and squelchy efx rise over the percussion, making way for a rhythmic chanting vocal! ‘Maga Sar’ takes the percussive, rhythmic vibes up another notch, creating a unique afro funk groove, bolstered by a scatting vocal and some naughty Moog action in the massive breakdown! ‘Temujin’ completes the release with its low slung, chunky groove. Hypnotic synth work and percussion make this one for the late night / early morning floors!

“Maga Sar” is available on May 10th, via Bass Hit Dub.




Artist: Ubblahkan
Title: Bass Hit Dub 03
Label: Bass Hit Dub
Release Date: 2019-05-10




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor