Detroit beatsmith and rising-star, Javonntte, drops in for the UK based, Boogie Cafe Records with a deft remix for Turbojazz. Thats a lot of info there. Maybe the take away is: all of these things individually are really amazing and some of our favorites so, the fact that we get to put em all together for this post right here…it’s certainly something special!

Deep chords stab over heavy swung rhythms as the percussion churns and burns. Dubby vocal snips an dusty melodies punctuate the groove and create a perfect breather for the dance floor…it’s got great energy but is super smooth and served smooth.





Artist: Turbojazz, Javonntte
Title: In Search EP
Label: Boogie Cafe Records
Release: October 25th, 2019
Format: Vinyl, Digital


– rider
Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor