Over the last 4 years, ‘The Banquet’ series has seen many cutting edge producers showcase their upfront dancefloor sounds. A gift to DJs, The Banquet releases always bring an absolute degustation of fine-tunes that can turn any set from entertainment into indulgence.

This Banquet album is a little different, with so many artists doing it rough at the moment Medium Rare is teaming up with Suture Mastering, Relish PR factory & Stasi on the artwork to give 100%% of the income back to the artists! With tracks from Hood Rich, CODES, Ocean Roulette, Gabe Ruth & heaps more, The Banquet, Vol. 7 – For the Artists is a unique and powerful affair. For lovers of the scene and the sound, Medium Rare hope that this edition of The Banquet is remembered as a high point during a difficult time.




Artist: Various Artists, Tim Light
Title: The Banquet, Vol. 7
Label: Medium Records
Release Date: 2020-07-17




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor