So here we go, album number three by Till von Sein. Attentive observers of Tilly’s record history might notice, something different is going on with this cycle of tunes. Other than the constitution of his previous two full lengths, “Ocean” tends to elaborate an idea, a pallet of sounds, an overall aesthetic, that come from just one place. Appropriate to the release on von Sein’s own label imprint Tilly Jam, these cuts indeed feel like proper jams. Deriving from a certain mindset, building up a flow, drifting into various spheres, delving into moods, and meanwhile, forgetting about time and principles of structure, most of his previous efforts complied with. Surprisingly, no vox on here. But evidently, the arrangements, textures and sonic nuances on “Ocean” create a narrative on their own. It is an album that puts musicality over functionality. An album to immerse into, a piece of music that claims attention and rewards with an embracing listening pleasure.




Artist: Till Von Sein
Title: Ocean LP
Label: Tilly Jam
Release Date: 2019-02-22


– jams
Jimbo James