Every DJ has had that moment — absolute mayhem and panic. The party is packed and the crowd is fully in unison. What do I play next? What’s going to work right this second? We all have those tricks up our sleeve, the perfect track for the perfect time and the perfect place. This is one of ours. Brooklyn DJ/producer, radio host, and King Street Sounds head of A&R The Wig delivers a mixture of full and luscious chords that manage to hit you right in the places you’ve forgotten about throughout the course of the night and a rotund low end that answers all of your other lingering questions. It’s a friendly reminder of the reason you do the busy work — getting to the L.O.V.E.

On the B side Loulou Players delivers an energetic remix primed for high-energy dance floors and Sue Avenue gives us a stripped down interpretation, slowed down and cut to perfection, for that perfect time and place.

Artist: The Wig
Title: Signals
Label: Admit One Records
Release Date: 2021-07-02

Turn it up & enjoy!