In our ever accelerating world, record labels have joined the ranks of mass-content-creators. Thanks largely in part to the digital music revolution, legions of ” bedroom record labels” sprouted up with the goal of being the next indie sensation to take over the world…some have succeed, most have gone on to contribute to the equally ever-expanding, digital landfill. Valuing content quantity over quality and a ethos of “if we put enough stuff out there, something’s bound to stick,” the deafening roar of generic, Beatport labels have coalesced in to a harmonious discord of white noise, indistinguishable of any unique size, shape or colour. There are, however, labels that stand out, rise above and remain steadfast in a commitment to form, grace, charisma and, above all, quality…one such label is Kolour LTD.
Launched in 2010 as the vinyl-only sub-label to parent imprint, Kolour Recordings. The LTD brand focused on a particular shade of discofied, deep house with an emphasis on heavy sampling, low-slung tempos and colorful pressings. Playing host to a bevy of fine, international talent… not to mention catapulting more than a few artists into bonafide “stardom,” Kolour LTD became a house-hold name for a growing breed of DJ’s and producers and certified stamp of quality.
Fast forward to today, we stand on the precipice of Kolour LTD’s ultimate future…the final release of this hallowed imprint is at the factory as I type this, soon to be shipped out across the world and bring this label’s closing chapter to a fitting end. Tapped to handle this auspicious honor is Sydney based production crew, The Possé. This group of analogue fiends found my favor when a close friend turned me on to their sophomore EP, Seasons Greetings, released on the ever-impressive, Ken Oath. Marrying a unique blend of live instrumentation, acid and Rhodes-piano deepness, The Possé provide lovely, authentic house jams for your mind, body and soul.

Today, it’s an honor for us to showcase The Labour Of Love EP in it’s entirety with full track premieres of each cut contained within. We also were able to grab some closing statements from Mike W, the owner and spearhead of Kolour LTD… find those below.

Thanks for the love and all the music, Mike! We look forward to hearing from you again! <3


A special note from Kolour LTD

After 15 years of slinging platters of all shapes, sizes, and colors, the time has finally come to say goodbye to Kolour LTD. It certainly wasn’t an easy decision but, in the end, a necessary one & one that we can say that we’re 100% at peace with having made. Kolour LTD was always about one thing – sharing our passion for music with anyone and everyone who cared enough to embrace it with us. We’ve made some absolutely amazing friends along the way in so many different phases of our little corner of the world and that will forever remain the most crowning achievement of all. I could literally go on for hours thanking each one of you, recounting our stories, and sharing our memories. You guys know who you are though and certainly know where to find me. Tunes, gigs, and even record labels come and go .. but these true friendships will last a lifetime.
I would be remiss without one small shout-out though. I’m talking about guys who take their passion(s) and are willing to take a chance to turn it in to what they do. I am proud to say that Kolour LTD was one of their original cast of labels and we’re always referring anyone we ever can to them so that they TOO can perhaps have their own incredible experience(s) releasing vinyl just like us… I’m talking about the fine crew at Prime Direct Distribution in London. Most specifically – Spencer, Richard, and David James. With a crew like that at the helm, it’s easy to see why Prime has grown into the force that it is today. They are record label owners – just like us, they are producers – just like us, they are DJ’s – just like us, and most of all they love this music until the very end – just like us. It was these guys that provided the vehicle for all our releases to land on your platters and it all began with THEIR support for US. The rest, as they say, is history. Thank you Spencer, Richard, David, and everyone else there at PDD for everything you’ve meant for Kolour LTD and every other label out there whom you so graciously provide P&D for.
In closing, rather than just ‘’fade off’’ into oblivion and have people out there wonder what happened to that record label, we’re going to celebrate our existence with one last 12”. It’s a 12” we’re absolutely over the moon about too! The last 12” will come courtesy of Sydney’s very own Andrew Elston & Rosario Ferraro – otherwise known as The Possé. These boys have been causing quite a stir out there with their “Our Thing” debut EP, followed it up with a sublime EP for Kolour LTD label favorite, Ken Oath, & most recently turned in a remix for Patrick Luca’s SAFT record label. Having said that – we couldn’t be more pleased to end our label’s tenure with (4) signature cuts from Andrew and Rosario as The Possé officially puts everyone out there on notice that they ARE ones to watch out for!
Thanks everyone. Thank you for spending your heard-earned chips on our vinyl, thanks for all the spins in the club, all the chart love, premieres, spotlights, label interviews, and anything else that helped our little label keep chugging along for all these years. We love you all and will forever.
Kolour LTD

Artist: The Possé
Title: The Labour Of Love EP
Label: Kolour LTD
Release: December 14th, 2018
Format: Vinyl
Catalog: KLRLTD028

Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor