Thabo Getsome joins the Cacao imprint with a pair of funky, groove-ridden tracks with Jesse Bru and Intr0beatz jumping in on remix duties.

Fusing melodic house with a classic 70’s sample, The Flute is groove at its most enticing. An imaginative take on deep house, its main earworm whistle loop paces along a summery swirl of pads and soft keys in a composition that will stay in your brain long after the track has ended.

You Ain’t dives in a more playful territory, with an energetic bassline that saunters past grave synth stabs on a backdrop full of texture and menace, all in all the kind of track that prepares the room for a rhythm change. Jesse Bru’s sound designer chops come into play on The Flute remix, as he diversifies and enriches the sound with additional, complementary samples.

Intr0beatz takes on You Ain’t with extra airy pads and jazzy flourishes, in an overall glistening melody with a bouncy, attention-grabbing bassline.




Artist: Thabo Getsome
Title: The Flute
Label: Cacao Records
Release Date: 2018-05-25


– jams
Jimbo James