Teenage Mutants & Methodi Hristov team up for a head-knocking techno bomb, as part of Teenage Mutants’ two-part album “In Search of the End”.

Volume two of Teenage Mutants’ longest release to date carries on the suspended tension from the previous volume into a melodic resolution. First track ‘Organica’, collaboration with DJ and producer Heerhorst showcases a new dimension of the artists’ style, with the low sung vocals sustaining the enchanting harmony of the main pads. It’s fairly easy to see how the entire album is aimed squarely at the dance floor, with compelling slow burners like ‘Dawn’ or ‘Verboten’ ready to arrest any audience. Meanwhile, darker cuts like palpitation-inducing ‘Hype’ or undulating roller ‘Tehdite’ are meant to thrust the ambiance to the next level. Joined by Bulgarian techno advocate Sezer Uysal, the duo rounds off the volume with flair, making it a great addition to the variety of moods offered.

“Effect” is out on July 12th, via Stil vor Talent.




Artist: Teenage Mutants, Metodi Hristov
Title: In Search Of The End
Label: Stil Vor Talent
Release Date: 2019-07-12




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor