Brooklyn based Producer/DJ Tee Lerrone has enlisted an eclectic group of artists to put their twist on his summer single “I Turn Nothing Into Everything feat. Kyle Patrick”.
Delving into a wide array of sub genres and tastes, first up on the EP comes from none other than Miami time travelers and Do Not Sit residents Dude Skywalker. Coming up with a rough cut almost overnight, they put their deep space club touch to the test bringing you out of your own reality and directly into theirs. San Francisco based Area Mann, co-founder of Long Running Club and label Push The Feeling comes in hot at track 2 with his first ever release, a thundering funky mix that rides along like a 1979 Chevy Impala into the future. Country Club Disco label manager and RVDIOVCTIVE boss man Devon James is up next with a stripped back yet gorgeously deep and moody rendition. Rounding out the EP is an afro-house dancefloor destroyer from the tribal master himself John “Chicken” Cacciatore.

I Turn Nothing Into Everything is out December 4th on Repost Network!

Artist: Tee Lerrone
Title: I Turn Nothing Into Everything Remixes
Label: Repost Network
Release Date: 2019-12-04




Turn it up & enjoy!