Salvadore Dali would sit in a chair with a key in his hand and then fall asleep, the key would hit the ground and wake him up and he painted what he would dream. He called the style of painting ‘Slumber with a Key’. Drawing inspiration from this story, Sydney Blu starts the year with a soulful and powerful EP:
Sydney Blu is a Dj, producer and truly citizen of the Globe, with her residing from Toronto to the USA and Berlin. Her imprint Blu Music, and the legendary Blu Party series have helped forge her as a name to be reckoned with, as well as releasing music on Knee Deep in Sound, VIVa Music, and here on Desert Hearts, to name just a few.
The lead single ‘In A Second’ is a dirty and moody bleepy techno affair, as its pulsating and intensifying vibes really pack a punch! The song’s cheeky vocal snippets add additional depth and a trippy feel.
If you like some power for your dance floor, look no further!
When I made this EP I thought about all my late nights dancing at Afterhours all over the world, in dark warehouses. This Ep is an inspiration from that and can be played anywhere, late at night, and get the perfect crowd reaction.” –Sydney Blu


Artist: Sydney Blu
Title: In A Second
Label: Desert Heart Black
Release Date: 2022-02-25

Turn it up & enjoy!