Squire returns to Kindisch bringing his four track ‘Senses EP’. Previously appearing on Kindisch Steps VIII with sultry singer Vette, the two join forces again for the first track of the EP ‘Wish It Was Easy’. This time the track plays out in a smooth flow, with an uplifting beat driving the track home, while deep organic basslines wander in and out as Vette’s soft vocals glide over the top. ‘Heys & Tears’ is up next, taking a heavier vibe with a deeper and more subtle groove made for the late night floor. Keeping the momentum, ‘Kalonice’ holds the energy at a certain level, rife with late night or early morning moods. Here the string dance while chords stab lightly giving the track a house-y feel while the pressure builds. Finally, ‘From A Primate Vision’ delivers a healthy dose of bass with a low end rumble as Squire slowly builds a warm atmosphere with little surprises sprinkled in throughout.


Artist: Squire
Title: Senses EP
Label: Kindsich
Release Date: 2018-04-06


– jams
Jimbo James