London-based producer Special FX debuts on Love Bizarre with a two-track EP entitled ‘M1D’.

Special FX is a new project by German producer Chris Vornweg, better known as Chris Avantgarde, combines German Rave and Techno influences with UK House & Garage. Special FX has been living and working in London since 2012 and now joins the Love Bizarre family, including Rosssccoo and DD4. Love Bizarre is a multidisciplinary, open-format record label working with hand-picked talent across the electronic music space.

“Special FX combines my teenage dance music experiences with a now more mature view on how my surroundings have shaped my taste and sound since. It’s a means of escapism, catharsis, discovery & nostalgia – A combination of all the things I have experienced in the clubs where the sweat is dripping from the ceiling, at the rooftop sunrise after parties and at festivals big & small. I fucking love this music, and I can’t wait to get it out into the world. It’s special to me.” – Special FX.

‘M1D’ kicks off the pack with thudding kicks, rave-inspired synth notes and resonating bass frequencies that is likely to shake any sound system before ‘Vibe’ is a soulful house cut with jazzy electronics, blissful melodies and sunshine-soaked atmospheres.

Special FX ‘M1D’ is out on Love Bizarre on 27th August 2021 (Vinyl) and 26th November 2021 (Digital).




Artist: Special FX
Title: M1D EP
Label: Love Bizarre
Release Date: 2021-08-26




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor