Named among one of Mixmag’s “40 Best Tracks of 2020,” we’ve called on Trinidad & Tobago’s, Blasé Vanguard for the remix of this standout, summer collaboration between Soul Clap & Sha-Lor.

When the NYC Club Classic “I’m In Love” by Sha-Lor hit the streets in 1988, singer Lori Lava (the ‘Lor’ of Sha-Lor) was only 16 years old. That record was produced by Newcleus/Dream 2 Science mastermind Ben Cenac aka Cozmo D and his connections landed Sha-Lor the opportunity to perform live at Tony Humphries’ legendary club night at Zanzibar in New Jersey. It was a hit, but for a variety of reasons the group’s house music story seemed to have come to an end.

Thanks to a friendly bridge built between Cozmo D and Soul Clap and his suggestion to continue Sha-Lor! Today in 2020, Sha-Lor is singer/songwriter Lori Lava and daughter Ashanti Maynard who fills the role as ‘Sha’. These two vocalists bring some serious energy to the collaboration’s debut record, “Jussa Come.” The true house heads know, “I’m In Love,” but few know of Sha-Lor’s Caribbean roots.

Soul Clap wanted to capture and mix the flavors to create “Jussa Come”; part house, part soca/dancehall and definitely HOT FIYAAH. Sha-Lor’s chatting vocal style is right up front and center over an infectious, uptempo and anthemic beat. Sha-Lor states “It feels good to be back in a genre that I love, bringing my Caribbean Roots to you. Like my Tune says “Uno Tink say mi dun but mi Jussa come” meaning I’m Not Done Yet ….. I’m Just Getting Started!!”

Jussa Come is out 10/09/2020 on Soul Clap Records


Artist: Soul Clap x Sha-Lor, Blase Vanguard
Title: Jussa Come
Label: Soul Clap Records
Release Date: 2020-10-09


Turn it up & enjoy!