Sonickraft make their third appearance on the label, this time alongside Dave Summit with a nifty double-header: Nothing Can Hurt You.

Building quite an envious reputation for quality house music, the Sonickraft boys are really finding their stride. Equally, Dave Summit has an impressive back catalogue on superb labels such as Purple Tea and Get Twisted.

Opening with the enormous vocal roller ‘Nothing Can Hurt You’ diva vocals and ravey stabs create a darkly energetic atmosphere on which crisp percussive layers and a devilish bass wonder their magic. ‘Thunder Gun’ ups the ante with a groovesome, melodic tech vibe. Wonky FX, saw-toothed bass and crazy sonics create a maelstrom of flailing arms and shaking hips.

‘Nothing Can Hurt You’ drops on Friday 11th September.


Artist: Sonickraft & Dave Summit
Title: Nothing Can Hurt You
Label: Wyldcard
Release Date: 2020-09-11