Microdose, the latest release from Washington DC-based producers “Shades Of Play”— aka Derek Tucker & Felipe Rivera— is a moody, exploratory trip through divergent shades of experimental house and techno.

The 5-track EP flexes Tucker and Rivera’s taste for introspective, minimalist, and emotive modes of dance music. In Microdose, the duo delivers a thoughtful range of tracks that prioritize experimentalism and emotion without sacrificing dance floor power.

In opening track Gazuza, a haunting, hypnotic melody is cut against a tough bassline and echoing vocal elements. What follows is pure, unadulterated, deep house music magic.

It goes without saying that house and techno heads love a slow burn. NYC Lovin is just that: an ode to the minimalist, edgy house music stylings found in Brooklyn warehouses and Manhattan clubs.

In Microdose, Tucker and Rivera explore a distinctly raw, primal, and psychedelic side of techno. Marked by complex rhythms and eerie vocals, the track is designed to bring dance floors to a frenzy.

Things lighten up a bit in No Promises, a sparkling, uplifting house track that pairs sophisticated percussion with dreamy soundscapes. Its tribal-inspired sound is ripe for steamy summer dance floors and sunny afternoon sessions alike.

Inspired by the likes of Floating Points, closing track Mirrors and Masks is an intricate, commanding piece of progressive techno; a cinematic secret weapon for building dance floor euphoria.

About Shades of Play: Bringing together Midwestern Native American, Black, and South American cultures, Shades Of Play is a Washington DC-based duo comprised of longtime friends Derek Tucker and Felipe Rivera. With sounds ranging from heavy, pulsating, primal rhythms to progressive rock and jazz-influenced fusions; their sounds are a direct result of their ancestral roots and explore the broader spectrums of electronic, house, and techno music.




Artist: Shades Of Play
Title: Microdose EP
Label: Witty Tunes
Release Date: 2022-05-13




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor