SOUP is proud to welcome Belgium-based DJ/Producer, Christos Selkos to the ranks with his Keep On Dancing EP. Delivering strong upon his signature sound of high energy tech house with heavy bass, Selco mixes groovy percussions, catchy RnB inspired vocals, and quirky bleepy synths with heavy, yet melodic bass.

The A-side, Keep On Dancing hits heavy from the start with thumping kicks and driving bass. As the vocal enters, snares build with intensity, bursting into rave synths and grooves that will bring any dancefloor to its peak. Longtime friend of the label, Devon James offers up his fresh take of the lead track by flipping it on it’s head and morphing it around a sinister electro beat. Devon James brings this track to 11, upping the intensity with distorted 808s, menacing vocal processing, and unearthly atmospherics. Rounding out the EP with B-side, Tech Education, Selco flexes his bass muscles a bit more on this cut while still delivering a highly infectious groove expertly woven with quick, quirky, dynamic synth work, against a simple-yet-effective, pitched down vocal.

Artist: Selco, Devon James
Title: Keep On Dancing
Label: SOUP
Release Date: 2021-04-23

Turn it up & enjoy!