New Violence Records lights up your summer with a fresh new EP from SEFF. He is a house veteran but one still very much with the skills and the energy to be turning out essential new tunes on labels like Swerve Digital and Mirror Numbers. Here he shows his sound is constantly evolving across two top originals and a pair of brilliant remixes.

Up first is Return To The Hood, a driving and twisted house come techno tune with huge drums. The driving percussion and lithe synths really bring dynamism to the groove and ensure maximum destruction in the club.

Remixing this one is CASSIMM, who flips the track into a stripped back but busy house cut with airy hi hats and real bounce in the kicks. It’s got real heart and soul and will get any club going.

The other SEFF original is Casa Loco, a firmly rooted house kicker with powerful drums and raw percussion. Whirring machines bring the funk and raising synth textures add real meat to the groove. On the remix for this is Cera Alba, who brings real synth wonkiness and trippy melodies to the track which make a perfect late night weapon.

These are four superb club tracks with real class.

Casa Loco is out 6th July 2018!




Artist: SEFF
Title: Return To The Hood EP
Label: New Violence Records
Release Date: 2018-07-06