Scout Som are the Berlin based artists behind the next EP on their own label and once again they explore the relationship between human creativity and the innovative technologies that enable the freedom of improvisation.
Omunat opens up with deep, woody kick drums and wiry electronics making for a spooky groove with trippy afterparty vibes. Litbo-ah is another brilliantly inventive cut with occult synths and warm pads layered over busy house drums. Imouthes is a heady mix of taught chords that bring darkness and robotic sound effects that make this another standout, then Tekne gets all zoned out and cosmic thanks to its majestic keys.
This is off kilter and refreshingly original house music from some real underground producers.

Sapientiae is out 6/29/2020 on SCOUTSOM


Artist: Scoutsom
Title: Sapientiae
Release Date: 2020-06-29




Turn it up & enjoy!