When you’re tired, overheated and feeling kinda bad, SRS swoops in to the rescue. Are they cool or do they look kinda like your dad? Does it really matter? No, SRS are here and they’ve got everything you need to keep cutting it up on the dance-floor. So when you’re feeling like you can’t take another shuffle, call SRS.

The title track, SRS, slides into your DMs with a smooth Chicago-house vibe. The chords really pop on top of the slimy vocals that just ooze into your ears. You can’t tell if it’s the arpeggio or the percussion that’s got your head nodding. But when the drop comes in, you know you’re going to be grooving hard. Don’t worry if you get a little tired, SRS will keep you safe.

Artist: Safety Rescue Service
Title: SRS
Label: Modarnity
Release Date: 2021-11-30

Turn it up & enjoy!