In the wake of its boogie-oriented sister label Fluid Funk’s launch, Fluid Electronics is set to sweep in with its debut number, ’Still Waters’ EP, coming courtesy of Dutch talent Rob Belleville, and supplemented by a choice revamp from Delsin stalwart and Transcendent boss, Conforce. Paving the way to the diverse array of music to be featured on Fluid Electronics, from house to techno through ambient, Rob steps up to the plate with a fine slice of brightly hued ambient tech making the rounds from heightened dub atmospherics to earwormy rhythmic experiments. 

Wrap your ears around the light-hearted opener and title-cut ’Still Waters’ and let the feels flow. Blending in a delicate mixture of tape-echo’d harps and chimes, foxily raucous bass and cascading hats n’ snares, Rob eases us into a world of ethereal beauty and poetic visions that are bound to print a durable mark on the listener’s mind. Going all in club-strike-force style, Conforce makes the engines roar and dishes out a nasty, steady-shooting roller primed for hi-voltage mid-set spec ops. Fusing the spaciousness of verbed-out aqueous envelopes with a sturdy drum prog that packs a punch, Bunnik hits hard and lands his dart smack-dab the core target’s audio G-spot. 

Moving on to the B-side, ’The Golden Hour’ expands further into heavy-lidded hypnagogic grounds. Shrouded in exhilaratingly deep, pre-dusky vapours, this late-afternoon groover shall make an even greater impact in open-space settings, when you’re surrounded by nature and the sky oddly begins to feel close at hand. Closing tune ‘Lost From View’ sinks body and soul into an infinity pool of piano-riddled melody, soulful vocals and giddy drums all woven together by lusciously textured pads, scudding in slo-mo. A bespoke vibes-conducer, custom-cut for lazy daydreaming and carefree dancing, this one couldn’t sum up better what Fluid Electronics is about: warmth, fun and quality.

Lost From View is out 9/18/2020 on Fluid Electronics


Artist: Rob Belleville
Title: Still Waters
Label: Fluid Electronics
Release Date: 2020-09-18


Turn it up & enjoy!