Ellum Audio mainstay Raxon is back with two more of his cosmic techno wonders.

Raxon hails from Egypt, is Barcelona based and has risen through the ranks with a well crafted and emotive techno sound on labels like Diynamic, Kompakt, Cocoon and more. Last summer he played huge parties like Resistance Ibiza at Privilege as well as festivals like DGTL. Though he has made big moves in recent years, Raxon has been deeply involved in the scene for more than two decades.

Characterful opener ‘Loop Machine’ is a dark and playful tune with loopy vocals layered over a rolling drum beat. The pixelated synths spray about the mix and the whole thing is destined to make the club bounce as one.

The excellent ‘Love Lapse’ has a retro feel with its 80s synth chords and widescreen astral atmospheres. A busy bassline does plenty of work to keep things moving, while turbulent blasts of synths and prickly percussion add vital texture to this late night jam.

These are two more forward-looking and evocative tracks from the ever on-point Raxon.

“Loop Machine” is out on April 10th, via Ellum.




Artist: Raxon
Title: Loop Machine EP
Label: Ellum Audio
Release Date: 2020-04-10




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor