As the world begins to crack open and loosen up, we here in Canada at the You Plus One headquarters are soaring high and celebrating big with the news of another chart crushing EP. Our last release exceeded top 3 in two separate genres and ranked top 5 in the overall top 100 tracks. This time around we couldn’t be happier to introduce to our collection of A+ artists, our long-time friend and Venezualan underground gem Rafael Drager and his musical partner Sebastian Rivero. Their original ‘This Is’ is a love letter to stubborn independence. A persistent beat with a bit of Afro, a bit of Latin, a mixture of melodic and a lot of soul. This track features a beautiful female vocal that will be echoing in your head throughout the upcoming heatwaves. The remix by the celebrated producer Eduardo McGregor takes the track into a deeper space and transforms it into a sunrise groover. For the second remix, one of our very first You Plus One label artists, Breno Mos, melts the strong original into something a little more organic and playful for one final unique twist. Fire! -for these summer days of new found freedom and unity we have ahead of us.

Artist: Rafael Drager & Sebastian Rivero
Title: This Is
Label: You Plus One
Release Date: 2021-08-06

Turn it up & enjoy!