Prototype’s third EP is a genuine work from Ranieri Ferrari aka r4ne, one of the artists behind the label, presenting his first production as music producer after a long time dealing with logic.

Inspired by the sensation of breaking parameters, the opening track “Behind The Logic” features luminous synths amid a creepy melody combined with percussive sounds until the drop, when everything turn off. With bass exploding, an alarm sounds and the synth resurfaces creating an hectic and devastating atmosphere worthy of a film production.

“The Answer” brings the enigma of binary numbers through the sound. With subtle touches and muffled bass, the track gradually reveals new combinations that seemed impossible. The long break with futuristic elements makes you question what is real and what is fiction in a space atmosphere. Treble pads and synthesizers are present from the beginning to the end and serve as a gateway for new elements to come and go.

The Answer is out on 5/29/2020 on Prototype Music

Artist: r4ne
Title: The Answer
Label: Prototype Music
Release Date: 2020-05-29




Turn it up & enjoy!