NØICE Records continue to establish themselves with another excellent new EP. This one comes from Moscow’s psypad, who never uses samples and records every aspect of his own music. This EP mixes up his house and techno styles into two fresh new tracks. Both were made during one-take live sessions with analogue synths and without a DAW, so are filled with an authentic and impromptu energy.

“Neon Dusk” is first and is an uplifting and cosmic house tune with magical lead synth lines that dance about in the night sky. Driving drums power the track along and it oozes real atmosphere and warmth, as well as musical skill. “Daybreak” is a slower track with elastic bass and icy percussion. It’s still deep and grand in scale, and takes you on a real trip through the galaxies.

This is expressive and emotive music that pairs a real sense of groove with meaningful melodies and chords.


Artist: Psypad
Title: Neon Dusk / Daybreak EP
Label: NØICE
Release Date: 2018-03-16


– jams
Jimbo James