Press release: PIV Records turns up the heat with their first collaboration EP by Prunk and Chris Stussy on the label.

The first cut “Tunnelvision” kicks off with a bassline that rolls like a ’67 mustang, while smooth vocal cuts and very orientated percussion sounds drive through your soul. With “Polar” they go deeper, combining hard kicks, dirty swinging snares and hi hats. This track borrows some influence from the late 90’s.

Title track “Brooklyn Tears” is made for creating epic moments on the dancefloor and will definitely take you to higher places. As a special treat on this vinyl release, they have made a special dub version for the vinyl heads. The dub track is deep, perfect for the early warm up vibes but will add action to the dancefloor.

Last but not least it’s “That Groove” that finishes this EP, the long-awaited club track everyone has been waiting for, just for the digital DJ’s amongst us.

Prunk & Chris Stussy – Tunnelvision (Original Mix) [PIV Records]

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Artist: Prunk & Chris Stussy
Title: Brooklyn Tears EP
Label: PIV Records
Release: 2017-08-04


– jams
Jimbo James