For this new release pack, Family Piknik has invited two monsters on board : Hernan Cattaneo & Theus Mago. Hernan Cattaneo has put Argentina on the center of the Progressive House musical map since more than 2 decades. True hero of the melodic deep signature, he has teamed up with Marcelo Vasemi to deliver the perfect remix. Deep, sexy, groovy as hell, this rework smoothly play with the original melodies and will have many bodies shaking all over the globe.

On the flip side, the always creative Theus Mago drops two versions of his remix. Somewhere between Nu-Disco and Minimal House, the Mexican (also known as Bufi, signed to labels like Turbo, Kill The DJ and Correspondant) doesn’t stick to the original theme at all and takes us on a one way trip. Just skip to 3’15 on the ‘Meet her at a Zoom Parade’ and you’ll probably have a huge smile on your face when you’ll see how tricky Theus can be ! Full of surprises, unexpected and futuristic, these remixes might turn you upside down.

Go Bro is out 7/24/2020 on Family Piknik Music


Artist: Pontias & Convergence System
Title: Go Bro
Label: Family Piknik Music
Release Date: 2020-07-24




Turn it up & enjoy!