Allen Craig is one of the founders of San Francisco’s Moulton Music and a member of The SyntheTigers. His DJ career began in the house parties of Berkeley in 1991, where he eventually met compatriot Homero Espinosa, with whom he formed influential underground house label Yerba Buena Discos. He was also the business manager for David Harness and Chris Lum’s Harlem Musiq label, which eventually joined forces with Yerba Buena Discos to form Molton Music, named after the well known studio space they shared.

His remix of Phaze Dee’s Heated Point is a stellar, lush & jazzy reinvention of the original work. A must-have remix for any deep house head.

Heated Point Remixes is out 12/11/20 on Mole Music

Artist: Phaze Dee, Allen Craig
Title: Heated Point Remixes
Label: Mole Music
Release Date: 2020-12-11


Turn it up & enjoy!