Pete Bones and Daniel Allen join forces for a new EP entitled ‘Fire Tornado’ on Finley’s brand new label, As.If Records with a remix by Finley himself. Pete Bones has had releases on iconic labels such as Superfreq and Bedrock while Daniel Allen has seen releases on Audiophile Deep, BluFin, Bush, and many others. Finley has seen releases on Nervous, Get Physical, Sullivan Room Records and Superfreq as well.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Daniel Allen collaborated on this release after Pete Bones visited Austin for a gig and together they dabbled in the studio with Daniel’s drum machines and synths. Daniel Allen took to the drum machines while Pete Bones took to the synths to create ‘Fire Tornado’. Daniel Allen comes forth with an atmospheric mix that slowly transgresses throughout while Pete Bone’s mix has a steady consistency. Finley then finishes up the EP with an uplifting remix adding a few slight variations and heavier bassline.

Fire Tornado is out now on As.if!


Artist: Pete Bones & Daniel Allen
Title: Fire Tornado EP
Label: As.if
Release Date: 2019-11-08




Turn it up & enjoy!