Paul Bowen returns with three more brilliantly deep and raw tracks on the second volume of his Dubbed Out series.

Bowen is a proud warm-up DJ who makes music for just that occasion. Those warm, detailed tracks entice people to the floor and slowly but surely build the party. It is a fine art and one that he has been perfecting as a DJ and producer for more than 15 years. He has played all over the world at cult parties like Back to Basics and Tribal Sessions and has had support from BBC Radio 1, DJs like DJ W!ld, Rich Nxt and Paco Osuna. He is one of the forces behind the much loved *riffraff parties – and recently launched new event doblar – and with his Luna Records label has put out music by greats like Matthias Tanzmann.

The gifted producer opens this EP with the superbly heavy, rolling and dubby house of ‘Bonehead.’ The lumpy kicks nail you to the floor while plenty of subtle hits, and ticks provide the details to keep your mind locked in. ‘Possible’ is another masterclass in expertly reduced house music that does a lot with a little. Shakers add texture to the tight kicks and lazy claps bring subtle hints of funk as things build and build but never boil over. Closer ‘Entire’ is a perfect B2 – a little edgier and more late-night thanks to the freaky vocals while gnawing bass and prickly hits keep things moving. These are three perfectly designed rollers for those who like it heady.

‘Dubbed Out Vol 2’ by Paul Bowen drops via Luna Records on 6th August 2021.




Artist: Paul Bowen
Title: Dubbed Out Vol 2 EP
Label: SLuna Records
Release Date: 2021-08-06




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor