Panooc (Leah Gough-Cooper), a Scottish-born and NYC-based international DJ, producer and musician has signed with .WAVCAVE Records for the release of their latest EP, Myriad Trax Volume 1. The 4-track EP is a collection of deeply hypnotic grooves suitable for a dance workout as well as a pulsating bedroom vibe session. Over the course of a year, Panooc crafted up a spell of myriad tunes including a high energy remix of the EP’s first track “Monoimi” by Sean Cormac. The EP was recorded at multiple locations in Brooklyn during very different personal life situations and headspaces with a main thematic through-line of longing and rebirth.

Panooc’s process of sampling all kinds of audio and reprocessing it into new left-field sonic worlds can be heard on every track. Panooc adds, “I didn’t have wide access to a lot of hardware for a couple of the tracks, but it makes the magpie-like process of resampling things you find all the more fun when creating new harmonic and melodic cells. It’s Musique Concrète in nature. A couple of influences for me, musically, are producers who do a lot of this kind of resampling (such as André Lodemann and Kaytranada), but I also take a lot of influence from classical minimalist composers such as John Adams and Steve Reich who use rhythm and harmonic superimposition as important drivers to their work.”

Myriad Trax Volume 1 drops exclusively on Bandcamp May 29th and will be available on all streaming platforms worldwide June 5th on .WAVCAVE Records


Artist: Panooc
Title: Myriad Trax Volume 1
Release Date: 2020-05-29




Turn it up & enjoy!