Amidst one of the biggest civil rights movements in recent history, Dutch producer Orlando Voorn has teamed up with the legendary Ann Saunderson to create a powerful rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement with ‘BLM Sideline.’

Ann Saunderson’s lyrics are a call for action, urging people to get off the sideline and ‘be the change to make a change this time.’ Each verse is a powerful statement in itself, beginning with a reflection on the unseen hurt that black people face from their voices going unheard, then progressing into the reassurance that ‘you can do it this time.’ The track ends with her boldly proclaiming ‘Black Lives Matter.’

Voorn soulfully uplifts this message, backing it with a serene and melodic instrumental featuring organic pianos, deep strings, and slow, staggered percussion.

The ‘Love Instead Of Hate DUB Mix’ combines samples of Saunderson’s vocals with all-new instrumentation and rhythmic percussion to create an offering that’s both gritty and funky. Piano stabs, an infectious bass line, and hints of jazz come together to create a spirited atmosphere reminiscent of classic garage.

BLM Sideline is out 11/08/20 on Moonlight Records

Artist: Orlando Voorn, Ann Saunderson
Title: BLM Sideline
Label: Moonlight Records
Release Date: 2020-11-08


Turn it up & enjoy!