Chart-topping Los Angeles duo, Ricoshëi, provides a deep remix for Fat Sushi’s second label release on Fat Wax Recordings. Out August 8th!

Swiss label, Fax Wax, strikes down another stunning EP in Left In Pain by Turkish native and Swiss resident Onur Ozman–whose productions have recently landed on record labels like Noir and Rebirth.

Onur’s Fax Wax debut contains two original tracks that combine a bevy of subtle melodies with hypnotic grooves. These tunes will surly slay the underground dance floors. The cherry on top comes in the form of two remixes by Kyodai and Ricoshëi; both delivering amazing results adding their own vibe to the originals.

We chose Ricoshëi’s remix to premiere to rep our LA brothers… and becuase it’s a super jam!

Grab Left In Pain on Fat Wax Recordings August 8th.


Onur Ozman – Left In Pain (Ricoshëi’s No Pain Remix) [Fat Wax Recordings]

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Artist: Onur Ozman, Ricoshëi, Kyodai
Title: Left In Pain EP
Label: Fat Wax Recordings
Format: Digital
Release Date: 08 Aug 2016
Cat No: FatWax002



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Jimbo James
Managing Editor