After a noteworthy debut in June, Rio de Janeiro’s Underdogs DJ crew, party, and label serves up another superb release.

Underdogs Music’s recent debut release was extremely well received, sitting high in the Beatport Deep House chart and picking up broad DJ and press support. This second offering sees OLLVR, Morgado & Bruce Leroys dive into the percussive atmospheres of Afro-house along with a remix from Keene, whilst the Underdog’s crew transform Tamara Franklin’s 2019 single ‘Wakanda’.

The EP celebrates African musicality and its melodies with three new tracks that layer in special Brazilian instruments and unique Latin flavor. The original, ‘Timale,’ debuted during a Circoloco party at Rio Carnival in 2020 and got a huge crowd reaction. It is a collaboration between three influential Brazilian artists. Morgado is a guitar player, and multi-instrumentalist turned DJ and Underdogs founder. Rio producer OLLVR, once known as Olliver Mach was one half of Tech House duo Toucan with Bernardo Campos and has held key residencies in Brazil and now Thailand, where he is currently based. Lastly, the veteran pair of Bruce Leroy, aka Marcelo Abreu and Diogo Vaille, has produced numerous Beatport Chart-toppers on labels like Armada, Get Physical, and Kittball.

The majestic ‘Timale’ is a fusion between house melodies and deep chords and synthesizers that evoke African cultural ancestry. Add in percussive beats and vocal samples, which celebrate Afro-Brazilian roots, and you have a genuinely worldwide sound that cannot fail to make dancefloors across the globe get down. Panamanian duo Keene brings their signature sound with the more introspective atmosphere of melodic techno, preserving the original’s essence and genuinely hypnotizing with their chords.

Lastly is the Underdogs remix of ‘Wakanda’, an original song from Brazilian rapper Tamara Franklin. Here we’re treated to a perfectly tribal percussive structure with the lush vocals and melodies having edgier synths as a counterpoint.

This superb ‘Timale’ EP celebrates the musical and cultural diversity present at the heart of Underdogs.




Artist: OLLVR, Morgado & Bruce Leroys, Underdogs
Title: Timale EP
Label: Underdogs Music
Release Date: 2021-07-30




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor