Italian producer Nico Lahs’ Discogs page is impressive to say the least. Not only are there a LOT of releases under a whole host of pseudonyms but we’re talking diverse and coveted labels and a host of credits which show Nicola Loporchio has music flowing through his veins. With tougher-sounding music finding a home on Hot Haus and Royal Oak, his deeper leanings have been picked up by Dan Curtin for Metamorphic and Sasha for Last Night On Earth, not to mention all his Balearic-inspired Cosmic Garden material. And now we’re proud to add Delusions Of Grandeur to that highly respectable list!

Flipping over we have Your Sweet Loving which drops the BPM a touch for a lowslung, slinky funker of a track which will sound so sweet at the after-hours. Off beat hats, flamming claps and noodling moogy solo might not sound like an instant hit but when you introduce deep stabs and killer bassline it becomes more then the sum of its parts.

Artist: Nico Lahs
Title: Your Sweet Lovin’
Label: Delusions Of Grandeur
Release Date: 2020-01-22

PURCHASETurn it up & enjoy!