Belgian producer and rising talent NICKO returns with his latest riveting EP.

Rocketing into the atmosphere with the opening track ‘Cycle Of Life’, a dark ominous Ambient House soundscape. Pulsating drums and a deep rumbling tone set the stage for this cold mechanical masterpiece. Short stabs of synths shine light into this cyberpunk sonic assault midway through the track making room for it’s further musical expansion as the track progresses.

‘Ambiphonic’ featuring Augustin Dujeux follows, continuing the industrial space age atmosphere with a musical crescendo leading up to altered robotic vocals and triumphant synths and blaring horns.

Cycle Of Life drops on April 14th on Deep House Belgium



Artist: NICKO, Augustin Dujeux
Title: Cycle Of Life
Label: Deep House Belgium
Release Date: 2020-04-14




Turn it up & enjoy!