Nick Morris delivers two brilliant cuts on the ‘Nineties EP’.

Morris broke onto the scene back in 1997 with tracks signed to Caus -N-ffct Records. A regular on long time friend and studio partner Jaime Lewis’ Purple Music Inc, he’s also signed to a multitude of labels from Clubstar to Gents & Dandy’s.

‘Ah Ah Ah’ plumbs the depths of the oceans. Aquatic beats and epic sonic swells drive the track forward. Almost breathing along with the listener, the ebbs and flows hypnotise creating a symbiotic listening experience. ‘I Am (Back In My ‘90s) is a blast from the past brought bang up to date. Skippy US Garage percussion and jazzy rhodes provide the foundations as vocal cuts and Kerri Chandler-esque beats pulsate in glorious unison.

Nick Morris ‘Nineties EP’ drops Friday 7th August at all good retailers.


Artist: Nick Morris
Title: Nineties EP
Label: Crooks & Villains
Release Date: 2020-08-07