Cali duo, Natural Rhythm, drops groovy Tiny Music Boxes EP on Apollo Music Group out April 21st.

The Los Angeles duo, “Natural Rhythm” (Thomas White and Pete Williams), has been producing music together since the late 90’s. With a discography that spans over several decades long, their music can be found on nearly every quintessential house label today, including Seasons, Large Music, Vista, Doubledown, Lowdown, .Dotbleep and many more. With very close ties to the Apollo Music family, Natural Rhythm’s debut on the imprint has been long awaited, but well worth the wait!

Right out of the gate, the boys are hittin’ you hard with “Centipede”. Sheer analog filth here on the original mix, with a familiar arcade sound and a strong resemblance of the work of minimal hero “DBX” Dan Bell. For anyone looking for a bit more funk on this track, you can find it in the 100 Leg Mix of “Centipede” which has a bit more shuffle and less of a minimal feel. Absolute nastiness.

Next we take a stroll down Chicago house drive with “Transistorized”, which is a tough acid house workout. As a perfect re-creation of the classic sound we love, this track has driving percussion layered with our beloved TB303 Baseline, making you feel like you never left the warehouse or loft party back in the 90’s.

Closing out the release we have “Power Pellets” which is another phenomenal delivery of the analog nastiness we have grown to love from Apollo. This track has a stiff beat with the arcade sounds, sprinkled in with some acid, equaling a formula impossible not to love.

Hearing the versatility in Natural Rhythm’s production over the years, it is no surprise they have arrived with their own take on some analog, acidy filth. This release is an outstanding compliment not only to their catalog, but an absolute smash hit for Apollo’s catalog as well. In acid we trust!

Natural Rhythm – Centipede (100 Leg Mix) [Apollo Music Group]

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Artist: Natural Rhythm
Title: Tiny Music Boxes EP
Label: Apollo Music Group
Release Date: 2017-04-21


– jams
Jimbo James