Nasca contributes with his track “Corazon” to “Earth Expressions”, the very first compilation of the rising Spanish label Uzons Records. “Corazon” merges latin influenced percussions with powerful melodic elements, building up tension across the whole track: energetic but  contemplative also. The Paris-based producer who has turned into Uzons regular, offers here as only he knows how to make it, an intense cosmic movement where the vibes come alive on the strength a pounding organic sense

Earth Expressions Cycle I compiled by label head Aurelius Zon, congregates a fantastic international roster from all around the globe which represent  an anachronistic legacy of expression including tracks from Shunus, Dan Bay, Serkan Eles, Stephane Salerno, Vandelor and other rising electronic music figures.

Earth Expressions Cycle I is coming worldwide on July 2nd!

Artist: Nasca
Title: Corazon
Label: Uzons Records
Release Date: 2021-07-02

Turn it up & enjoy!