PLY is a brand new label from Mr Morek, and will be accommodating many musical styles according to his personal taste. On the label’s first EP, he himself steps up to electrify our consciousness with what he calls Ampere House & Techno.

Opener Amperage is a tense and taut cut with steely synths stretched out over bleeps and beeps, while the bare bones drums get you in a trance. Back to Basics is an elastic groove with a futuristic feeling in the lead synth, which tells a real story as it rides up and down the scale. Electric Frequency is a cold wave cut with stark de-humanized vocals and icy drums that make for a serene atmosphere.

This all marks a fascinating new sound and a great start to the new label.

Amperage is out 3/02/20 on PLY!


Artist: Mr Morek
Title: Amperage EP
Label: PLY
Release Date: 2020-03-02




Turn it up & enjoy!